by Camacho

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released July 1, 2017

Produced and Mixed by Chris Wilson
with Camacho
Mastered by Lucas Smith
Recorded from October 2016 - April 2017
at Quick & Dirty Recordings, Nashville, TN
& Lucky Sound Studio, Rainsville, AL
All songs written by Camacho

Joe Canada - Vox, Piano, Keyboards, Bass & Guitar
Andrew Segler - Guitar & Vox
Alex Powell - Drums & Vox on "Near"

Jr. Gaiter - Organ on "Revival"

Thank you for listening and all the support.



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Camacho Decatur, Alabama

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Track Name: Long Run
As of late it's been a roller coaster
Flew off the tracks straight into the skyline of New York City
Whoever you want to be, you're only stopping yourself
Has it been forever?
Every time we get together, we're losing track of our days
In fact we lose ourselves, see who I've kept up with as time rolls on

That fateful dance
It took me years to get myself out from that deep blue
Couldn't have done it without you
You see yourself in the crowd, gazed to the floor
I could be wrong but doesn't everyone wanna be a little more
Standing at the gate is it time to cross, is it too late?

A new day has risen, we're sticking it out for the long run
We were wasting time, living out every fantasy all the while
We knew there were chores to be done we lost all train of thought
Sticking side by side, I say take a chance, you say done

Now we're out on our own
Don't sit beside, we're never looking back again
Closer than you may think, don't fear
What is the reason for you coming here? Now we're out on our own

J. Canada
Track Name: Betwixt, Between
Silhouette of a distant figure
Headed this direction, catching up speed
I need someone to relate to, very well could be you
While out digging for inspiration, lead for imagination
The moment our eyes met, I saw the fire in them
Approaching fast, please don't crash
I'm headed out for tomorrow's sun
Not giving in, those days are done
Hair down to her knees, she never stops

What is it you need?
Don't count on me to beg at your feet
Oh well, oh well, oh well, how do you survive anyway?
We fought, struggled and suffered, and you want more
Tomorrow's at your door
You had time

Why should I have to hide what I want / am I alone tonight
She'll tell you that there's no heroes
Shouldn't have to take it to heart why she took them on
Nobody cared, nobody tried to understand
Inside her head was a golden chord
Visions to be restored dreams in color, before they were covered
With a lie, born in vain, and all what for

You just say oh well,
That's all you've got to say
What is it you need? Don't count on me to beg at your feet
We fought, struggled and suffered, you still want more
Tomorrow's at your door
I'd love to help, but all you wanna do is hurt me
Can't tell the difference between

We dug so deep into a distorted soul
Either you finish what you start, or lose control
She grabs me by the arm, always close behind
Either you finish what you start, or lose control
We dug so deep into a distorted soul

J. Canada, A. Segler
Track Name: Turn-away
Taking care of the ones that'll be
Around me when the going gets so rough
Could be the freaks on the family tree
Got to keep empire close, hope it's enough
I know, you throw your coat on, you're out the door
Doing what you can just to avoid
Deeds to be done, but you can't find the time, it slips away
And how I'll never understand
The ones you care for that care for you too
Looking out, when it's not the way you planned

My favorite move is the turn-away
How much longer can I keep the pace?
Just got my mind on a lot tonight
The melody that keeps my brain a stir
How could I lie, and say I don't care when I do
This didn't go the way I planned

J. Canada
Track Name: Revival
Keep count of my steps across the room
It's all a game, the phone could bring at any moment soon
"Don't ever fall under" she said, so what drove us apart
Seems less likely come each day
Don't you ever wanna kick it down
Forget about the cons, remember all the best of times
It's your choice, I've got my voice
Will it sink, will you start to think that it was the right one

Every street that I could search, every corner I could turn
And I'd find none quite like yourself, it's useless to even try
Find your way back, and I'm telling you
I'll take back what I said, let me through

This is your chance, come for me
Or if by chance that you decide to turn the tide
Might help me sleep at night
I'd take back but the feedback was silent
Holding onto what she said, stand back and take a deep breath
Speak your mind, you're so hard to find
While everyone's much sweeter in my dreams
Don't you ever wanna kick it down, it's your choice, here's my voice

Streets I search, corners I turn
And I find none quite like yourself
Why you gotta leave me out of the picture
Do you really wanna
I'm telling you, ill take back what I said, let me through
Because it's your choice, give me that call

J. Canada
Track Name: Offender
If you look to your left, nothing too fancy
Ah, but look to your right, where everything's outta sight
Above the clouds, been waiting for curtain call
I haven't seen much, missed out on a lot
Now here we are taking off
Still haven't noticed you're up here with all that's before us
And you don't have any questions for me

Don't ostracize, I won't criticize
I'm only a wanderer, looking for light
I've dreamt away time, badly needed this flight
I'm on edge, there's peace in the skies for now
A place to be when you've got no clue what you've got to lose

A chemical bond stuck together by resin, until the burn
And through it all, nothing was learned
The two were once one, but misunderstanding pushed them apart
Sending out a message to your uninspired heart
And you always wanna talk about it, a nasty habit
Send it out overseas

Don't look to your left now, don't look to your right
Didn't mean to offend you, it was mostly out of spite
Don't be amused when it takes your blues away

At least you're keen on doing you're own thing
Must be on my way home
I should have let you know I
Should have let you go long ago
Still haven't noticed you're up here with all that's before us,
What will it take for you to see?

J. Canada, A. Segler
Track Name: Near
It's where we are
can't make it there if we don't try
panning out to a faraway land,
without a plan that's where we'll go
don't wanna lose everything that I've earned
can't let go of the fear that holds me back, I close my eyes

I did it for today (who knows)
may not do it again (now I see)
how it's going to be
I sit here and wait for the summer near

Take a trip to a warm place, just to keep my faith
somewhere here under the sun
I play by the rules, how could I ever get through it myself
I'm only asking for a break

You can go, go far away
trading faces, see if it sets you free
I've got myself in a situation
is there any way out of here?
I've got my sights on a cruel intention
is there anyway to block my sights

Take a seat, a few more weeks
we're gonna meet our summer near

J. Canada, A. Powell
Track Name: An Afterthought
I won't have time to be misled, such a strange way to reach me
to ask me what I really think, it's wearing down on my faith
and you can see it, cause it's on my face
how can I relate to the point you're trying to make me believe
keep it on your sleeve

(wouldn't you like to be, sunk in that seat forever)
I'm staring straight ahead, I couldn't help but laugh
left all my bags on top of the cab again
my papers all over the street, and I'm not running after them
I've reached my destination, I've got only good intentions

Thieves in the street, can barely stand on my own
hearts are bound to break, brains always gonna ache
the point I'm trying to make is sometimes we have to wait

What's the use, is it all a lie
I guess it's just for you or me or whoever to decide
and after you're done
give me some light, I'm looking for some
give me some light, give me some
listen closely, here we come

Finally found a moment to breathe, the first in a while
and what I had found, some wings to take my feet off the ground
that's the dream I'm on about, so stick around
sudden train of thought always putting our lives in front of an object we bought

What's the use, is it all a lie
I guess it's just for you or me or whoever to decide
and after you're done
give me some light, give me some listen closely, here we ---
give me some light, here we come

J. Canada
Track Name: Wrong
I kept a watch, you had an ear to the wall
can't help but wonder if they'll show up at all
why'd you hide your face for the whole flight in, you never stood for the cause
you're cold towards me, I've been here too long

Fixed up the place so we could get along
even changed out the records so you wouldn't complain
I want honesty, no games, why do you seem so ashamed
unglued so easily

Stop where you are, Ill let you catch up
got to put in a little effort
can't be afraid to ever dance or
give them a call when you need answers, no answer
stood us up cold without a warning, such a misfire man
what's to gain, do you really mean to start a war
you're running at me as fast as you can

Somewhere in my heart, I know that it's wrong
but I don't break so easily
say, whatever happened to listening to the song
in my heart I know, I know

Guilty consciense, yet I'm still getting on
say what you will, at least I know I was wrong

J. Canada
Track Name: The City that Always Aches
Finally approaching, what to do when you get there
you say you got some plans, see em' through to the end
you tell me I need dignity, not quite sure what you mean
a taste so sweet, to only dream do I dare
to follow in the footsteps that led me
here skip your resorts, or the mansion on the lake
I just wanna exist in the city that always aches

I just let you inside
there isn't much space, but we can still take a wild ride
though I must admit, atmospheres a bit thick
otherwise it's all the same
wondering, why does everything have to change
beyond these doors used to be a stage
and we'd put on any show we'd like
but I shouldn't get too caught up in things like-

how it used to be, thought I knew what was real
that's just how I feel, why can't I put it all on the shelf and leave

Finally approaching, what to do when you get there
you say you got some plans, see em' through to the end
a taste so sweet, to only dream do I dare
to follow in the footsteps that led me here
I'm gonna exist in the city that always aches

J. Canada
Track Name: Shaky Knees
Shaky knees, you plugged something into my socket
we come prepared, the need was honest
we went the distance, made decisions
all else could be falling apart
worth it all when the day comes
all those songs that helped us forget the distance
had to miss our plans to make it there
drove all night, dropped every care

my starlet, what else could be bothering you
trunk is full, bags are packed, were good
the distance rumbles songs presented
drenched in sweat, hotter than ever
I can't be everything you want me to
tell you ill stop by, I won't follow through
the date was set, won't change the plans for you
fields alive

I heard a few times before
that you don't want anything to do with the crew
since we dropped everything for the show, it was shaky knees
it plugged something into my socket

J. Canada